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VUE System at Creative City Project 2016!

APA/Engineered  Events provided full AV production for the incredible Creative City Project 2016 on October 15. The event, located in the heart of downtown Orlando, incorporated five stages on different streets with different acts performing simultaneously. The stage at 55 West had a variety of different performers on it, ranging from an orchestra to a heavy metal band.The line up included the Florida Symphony Youth Orchestra, The Maitland Stage Band, CFC Arts Big Band, CFC Arts Orchestra, Meka Nism and Atsumi Zero Taiko, among others. The sound system from VUE Audiotechnik included a total of sixteen al-4 line array systems, four hs-25 subs and two V4-d amplifiers. The main PA was four over two per side with an additional two sets of four enclosures on speaker stands. The main PA was delayed back to the first set of four speakers which was in the middle of the orchestra. System designer and sound engineer, Trevor Peters, had this to say. "The music was as dynamic as it was diverse, and the VUE system met all of the requirements on the day. It was my first time working on a VUE system and I was suitably impressed." 


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