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St. Margaret Mary Catholic Church Sanctuary Speakers

St. Margaret Mary upgraded their speakers in the Sanctuary as part of a continuous upgrade to the entire audio system.  “APA is very good at explaining the physics of audio and the theory behind sound design,” stated Kevin Hagan of SMMCC.

Pre-upgrade, the chorus vocals were routed to L-R speakers but music came from speakers in the band area off to the side of the Platform.  “We wanted a more natural sound,” Hagan explained.

After discussing the options, it was decided that a speaker cluster would be hung in front of the band to the side of the Sanctuary.  With this approach, the audio is coming from where the sound is originating, localizing the sound and creating a more natural environment. 

A pair of Tannoy Q-flex 32 speakers were installed as the lecture system due to their beam-steering technology and small yet powerful size. 


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