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Complete Audio Revamp at St. Clement Catholic Church!

APA/Integration recently completed extensive audio upgrades to St. Clement Catholic Church in Plant City, Florida. The install included everything from a new Yamaha TF3 console, three Lab Gruppen E 8:2 amplifiers  with SurgeX power, a BSS BLU-100 DSP, four d&b 12S loudspeakers and One Systems 104/HTH and 108/HTC direct weather loudspeakers.

The church had also long struggled with the acoustics of the building, due to its very low speech transmission index. Acoustic treatment was added throughout the church in order to combat this very common problem, with very positive results. Pastor of the church, Fr. Mike O'Brien said of the install, "Our new sound system is working like a charm. I really appreciate all the time and effort APA put into helping us correct a 20 year old problem". 


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