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APA Begins Second Year with Tigerpaw!

APA/Integration has begun its second year with the powerhouse software, Tigerpaw. As APA continues to grow, CEO Craig Beyrooti, wanted something to help push the company to the next level. "Tigerpaw essentially combines everything we need into one program that gives us the ability to provide faster and more effective turnarounds for customers, while also growing our own database for more efficient company use." Tigerpaw's versatile nature gives Integration the necessary options to control and maintain inventory, track and manage in-the-field technicians, create various types of spreadsheets  plus a multitude of other things while keeping everything managed in a home portal. The practicality extends to its mobile app that allows our technicians to see exactly what they have to do while on site. 

The next step for APA/Integration is to make a customer portal with Tigerpaw. These portals will give our clients access to an easy to use hub in order to find information, request support and even check the timeline of the job at hand. We can setup what the clients will see in the portal and change information depending on the client and what is required. As we continue to grow with Tigerpaw in the coming months and years, you will find an even higher level of professional and customized solutions in our work.


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